Damp Squid

I was hoping to report of a friendly match with a win for Cambridge Park this morning.  However, even though the fixture was confirmed by Sunbury, it did not make their fixture list.  Oh!  We’ve all made mistakes.

Still, it was a good job it was the fixture was scheduled for home as our team stayed to have a roll up, which is good practise for the season ahead.  It was also good for the voters to have something to watch whilst queueing.  We had a few interested during the evening who stopped to watch for longer after they’d voted.

Well done and thanks to Jane for opening up and closing up on what was a very long polling day.

It is very bright and sunny now, so a chance to nip down to the morning roll up and share a drink or two with fellow members at the end of the session.

I stand corrected on the wild garlic which isn’t actually wild garlic but a form of French bluebell.  Maybe the wild garlic comes later in the year?  It used to produce a really strong waft of garlic as one walked from the car park to the clubhouse.

Val F (of green fingers and honey fame) came up with a tree suggestion for Lynde House to plant – an Amelanchier ‘La Paloma’ which is a small tree with bronze spring foliage and white star shaped blossom.  In autumn, theleves turn orange/red.  She also suggested  that planting in the grass area just behind “Rita’s Garden” would be a good place as it could be seen from the clubhouse alll year round.

So Lynde House are going to look into that and acers to select something for us.  Thanks, Val.

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  1. Jane says:

    Hurrah! I’ve finally been believed about the white bluebells. I have a photo of wild garlic which looks very different. The wild garlic season has finished. It’s very short.
    Who were you walking down the path with? Had they been out for an Italian?
    A tree might look nice where you suggest but we do have a lot of trees which affect the green given roots. Any mileage in having two boxus substitutes next to our centenary gate to make a more formal entrance? The gate needs painting which didn’t happen due to the virus.
    I do feel a bit whacked this morning but polling day is much more than opening and locking up. It’s an opportunity to be a part of the community and neighbourhood. There is always a good vibe and so many express real surprise at the indoor green. We do need a discussion about how we best harness such enthusiasm. The fact that we make sure the polling day runs as smoothly as possible is very good at maintaining positive relations with the council. It all helps. This year was much more difficult that usual due to the virus. I met twice with those staffing the day, and Dawn met with a council official. including being there for a couple of hours on Wednesday night to set everything up. The layout was changed again on the day.
    One highlight for me was being shouted at by a voter for having rubber snakes on the green. She said they would frightened the dogs. The dogs didn’t seem to notice. It was like an Ealing comedy. (I actually spent some time dog sitting for voters.) I also cheered on a woman who had to run to get to the door before it closed at 10pm. She only just made it and had to have a sit down.
    All the best.

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