Day 11 – National Countdown Lockdown – People in Space

Some days I have the attention span of a flea, although the memory of an elephant for trivia (the sort of which never comes up in a pub quiz1)

Anyway, I  have recentlly started listening to podcasts.  Their length varies but you can stop and start and they’re a good option if an audible book is too long.  There are thousands out there covering innumerable subjects from breathing, sleeping, eating, health, vaccines, life experiences, football, rugby, cricket, and not forgetting Strictly and some on bowls!

BBC Sounds App* is brilliant.  You can listen to the radio live, play back or podcasts and I stumbled upon Joe Wickes (who turns out to be another one of Ange’s students!).  Jo Malone’s was really interesting but the one that has been so fascinating is No.12, when Joe chats to astronaut Tim Peake.

This link may work or try clicking play below.

Worth listening to whilst making your Christmas cake today or when out walking.

There are other places to find podcast apps not just the BBC.

Let us know any you have listened to.  If you’ve enjoyed it, no doubt someone else will too!

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