Day 2 of Tier 2

Bedding in the washing machine, an hour’s walk done, and what next?  Dusting?  Hoovering? Baking? Singing? Reading?  Listening to the radio?  Plenty of choice of course.  Even if we don’t want to do any of those things, we can still count our blessings on what we have and still can do.

If you live on your own, the next few weeks are going to seem long especially as the daylight hours are shorter.  I was reading* yesterday that the Danes go out for a walk every day.  Friluftsliv is the word and translates to “free air life”.  They say being outside is proven to increase levels of happiness and wellbeing.  I would agree with that.  There’s a good chance of seeing another person even if you just walk down your street.  Make eye contact and smile as you pass 2m apart.  Go a bit further and say “Morning” or “Hello”.  They might need that bit of human interaction too and you will have brightened yours as well as someone else’s day.   Twelve months ago you would have been given a non-virus related wide berth, but that has changed.  Phew!

*Saturday Times “What it’s like to live Danishly”

Dawn … resisting the urge to now go out and get a Danish pastry!


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