Enjoying the Heatwave?

We’re a third of the way through the current heatwave.  Personally, I’m pleased it’s not 30C+!  It’s a good temperature for bowls and it’s not raining, which is a bonus!

West Ealing Fours are out at lunchtime today at the National Championships and the Ladies Singles comes down to the winner.  Sandra from Grovelands went out to international Natalie Chesney 10-17 but from the views of spectators and the photos at the end, it was played in very good spirit and Sandra had a good game.

Good luck to the West Ealing boys – the same as for the triples with added Paul Wisher.

Back at Cambridge Park, there is the usual indoor roll up from 10.00-12.00, just turn up by 9.45 if you want to join in, so rinks can be picked.

For those wanting a quiet day on the sofa, there’s another test match v India.  Fancy bowling them out for 78!  You can bet the India team will be upping their game hereon in!

The Paralympics still available to watch on Channel 4 and there’s always the National Championships available to watch on YouTube.

However, it’s Thursday and for a lot of you, it’s your shopping day.  Hope you grab a bargain!

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