Fall Backwards, not Forwards!

Actually, we’d prefer it if you didn’t fall over at all, but in the case of British Summer Time Ending and Greenwich Mean Time taking over for 6 months, you will have to change your clocks.  This was pinched from a FB post – thanks to whoever originally put it together.

Well done to the brainboxes of Jacquie E, Marie, Janice, Betty and Tony and Corinne O’B for winning last night’s quiz.  I gather great fun was had by all and everyone went home well fed with a vast amount of new knowledge!  Thanks to the Cumine’s for organising questions, food and technology and to Gordon and Jane keeping those little grey cells lubricated and hydrated!

This afternoon we take on Chertsey starting at 2.00 pm.  The bar will be open all afternoon for those wishing to get in from the showers and have a tea/coffee/beer and company

Tomorrow we play Shopland Select at 2.00 pm GMT which would have been 1.00 pm BST – is that right?!

Watch out for roadworks around York Road in Twickenham and Crown Road in St Margarets.  If you come to the club from Twickenham and its surrounds, it will take you longer than usual, even sticking to a 20 mph limit!

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