Flagging it up!

Does anyone remember when we last used the Cambridge Park flag?  Gordon found the bunting but he and others have drawn a blank on the flag when they looked yesterday.  It must be hiding somewhere.

The County websites have been updated this week, so if you’re looking for more information, please head over to  http://www.middlesexcba.co.uk/ for the men and https://mbawomenssection.weebly.com/ for the ladies.

On Friday, there will be a few more down to help with pre-season work around the grounds.  Bring a broom if sweeping leaves is something you can do.  It would be good to clear the car park of those.


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  1. Ann Fale says:

    Archie remembers seeing a flag and a list of National dates in the old lockers in the nens changing room, but has no idea what happened what happened to it. May be in a spare locker

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Thanks, Ann and Archie.
      THey found a Union flag but not the CP one in the lockers. It is still a mystery!

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