Friday Again

Only another week before September ends.  It’s scary how this year has flown by and we’re just one match away outdoors before the green gets put to bed.  Indoor bowls has been open for quite a while but I believe the morning roll up sessions will start in earnest next week.

The bar is coming along and we are just waiting for the brewery to come and move the pipes from the cold store under the floor in the holes that are ready.  We are just asking for your continued patience until the work is finished.  Jane is doing well flitting between bar, kitchen and cold store depending on where the glasses and products are.

Tomorrow the afternoon will start off with a ‘spider’.  For those not familiar with this.  Each person taking part stands with one foot in the ditch (please be careful) and one bowl in hand spread out around all four sides of the green.  The ‘spider’ is placed on the jack in the middle of the green.  On the word “GO”, every bowls towards the spider.  The bowl that finishes nearest the spider wins a bottle of wine – one for the men and one for the ladies.  Sounds easy?  It’s anyone’s win as the jack invariably gets pinged in different directions!  £1 a go and even if you’re not playing in the match, you are welcome to take part.

Gerry has kindly offered to collect match fees (£5) and someone will come round the green to collect your £1 spider donations

The ladies have a couple of changes to the team and Lucy is Captain of the day.  Ange slipped at home and is unable to play or serve up the food so Ann Macey and helpers will be taking on the post match food mantle.  If you can clear up your bits and bobs as you go, it would be appreciated.

Anyone applying to be an HGV driver?  There seem to be plenty of vacancies!

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