Good News for Us and Giles C!

There was an amusing article in Saturday Times’ magazine (there are others) from Giles Coren regarding the number of cooking shows there are on television and cooking is no longer fun.  An excerpt from near the end …

Now, cooking is literally all we do.  And when I say cooking, I mean digging out whatever we can find at the back of the fridge and scraping the mould off it and heating it until most of the bacteria are dead and slapping it down in front of our family, again, for the eleventy-fifth time that week and saying “Get it down your necks, it’s all there is and then I want you suited and booted for another miserable bl**dy walk in the rain.”

Some days, it has certainly felt like that!

Well, later this afternoon, we might get news on when we can get together outdoors – thank goodness the weather is getting warmer – and we’ll be able to meet up for a Bring-Your-Own drink/food in fours in private gardens.  This will enable us to get some enthusiasm back as (A) we’ll be cooking something for somebody else and (B) we’ll be able to have face-to-face social contact.  Hooray for us and Giles!  Fingers crossed for outdoor sports as well as we have a lot of golfers amongst us and at least they will be able to enjoy doing something different.  It’s definitely looking good for the outdoor bowls season even if indoors still looks a bit iffy.  Must stop speculating and wait for the update!

In the meantime, Margaret B’s hard planting work from a couple of years ago is blooming in Rita’s Garden.  Still some gaps to replace those summer bedding plants .

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