Happy Mother’s Day

I wonder what my Mum would do today?  Many of you remember her – June Mansell – played lead with a set of 00 brown bowls.  She was tiny with a terrible habit of smoking(!) but a heart of gold and definitely a do-er.  She would knuckle down and get on with it and put herself out to help others at a time like this.

Phone your mother, if they’re still with us, talk to them even if they’re not.  Phone someone else’s mother, phone a dad, phone a friend.  Make someone’s day by letting them hear another person’s voice and not feel so isolated.  The only option is Phone a Friend.  We don’t need an audience vote and it’s not 50:50!

I have been in contact with quite a few members, particularly those known not being connected to the internet.  Everyone is ok and asked me to pass on their love to you all and wishing you stay safe.

We can be strong together and if we behave ourselves with social distancing, we’ll be allowed out to bowl again later in the summer.

Keep hand washing, smiling and laughing in between doing your exercises to keep you moving!


If any of you need help with shopping, please let me know


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