World Book Day

OK, so I’m a day late but books are ok for any day of the week.
Anyone read any books that they can recommend to those that read these posts?

I’ve got Tim Spector’s Food for Life on the go as well as one of Richard Cole’s novels about putting a toilet in a church. Great fun read!

How does the Marlow Murder Club (now a series on tv) compare to the Thursday Murder Club?

Jay McGuinness, part of The Wanted/ex Strictly/actor has turned novelist as well and has just released a new fantasy Blood Flowers. Had anyone read that yet?

What about sports books? The Final Innings – cricket – seems to be nearby at home

There’s a good selection of paperbacks at 50p each in the ladies changing room if you fancy a browse in there – Thanks to Margaret B.

From the radio yesterday, I understand that a lot of children dressed up as Joe Wickes to go to school (some looking more like the 118 118 men!)and one school had all the children in pyjamas to encourage bedtime reading.
What about our your grandchildren ? Did they dress up?

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