Have You Got Square Eyes Yet?

Fro those of you who have access to Facebook and YouTube, how are  you getting on with the World Indoor Bowls?

I haven’t watched very much but I did catch up on Robert Paxton v David Bolt last night then Jamie Chestney v Jamie Walker live.  David Bolt was on fire with his drawing and Jamie Walker was firing from the off!

Two very different games.  The first being draw, draw, draw, draw.  Whenever Robert Paxton got a good draw in, David just came in with another even more perfect one.  One could only feel sorry for Robert.  He seemed to be slightly off his game and paid the penalty.

In the second match, Jamie Walker’s second bowl went zooming down the green towards Jamie Chestney’s two lovely drawn bowls.  His tactics helped him catch up in the first set but he relaxed into drawing mode more in the second set.  Chestney came out a worthy winner.  I know he must be used to it, but it’s very frustrating when one has a good game and drawing to the jack just for your opponent to come along and fire it off.  “It’s a DRAWING game” we cry!


Today’s draw can be found via the link on here https://www.worldbowlstour.org/2022-world-championships

Must dash.  Running late for work!

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