I Need a Man! Updated: I Need TWO Men!

Eight of the chaps are playing in the Double Rink v Ashford on Saturday morning (19th) at 10.00 am at Cambridge Park.

Although Gordon is up for a second game, the others can’t make it.  We are therefore two men short for the South Middlesex League on Saturday afternoon away at Bishop Duppas.  2.30 pm start.  We are restricted to one lady per triple, so we definitely need men!

Anyway, below was the position at 2.00 pm today.  If anyone has signed up between then and now, please let me know.





1. 1. Audrey Hay
2. Steve Pennington 2. Scott Cumine
Skip Dawn Slaughter Skip 


1. Bernard Chapman 1. Ray Verralls
2. Roy Ebinezar 2. Joan O’Neill
Skip. Lucy Horan Skip Gordon MacLeod


Match Captain: Dawn                  

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    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Thanks, Norman. Different from the Ladies then, as we play one home and one away!
      I’ve updated the original post.

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