It’s Not a Dream nor a Nightmare!

It is real rain in buckets, cats and dogs and/or stair rods and would appear like putting up  two fingers to the hosepipe ban imposed yesterday !

Watch out if you’re a pedestrian. Some of those watery bits in the road are very deep and you could get soaked by a passing car.
Watch out if you’re driving too. Those wet patches seem to come out of nowhere if there are no cars in front of you flagging them up!

It’s due to dry up later and for the rest of the weekend, so this is a temporary sojourn into cooler weather.

Hope it’s drier in Leamington. The Bush Hill Park girls and the Ashford Boys start their challenge in the National Triples competitions this morning. Good luck Middlesex! Good luck to all counties. When you get to Leamington, all you want to do is play well and not let you, your club or the County down as well as enjoying the experience.

Bowls England have their own tv channel and their FB page should keep up with results.

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