Matches and Gardening

Looking forward to the Centenary Event next Friday, we are hoping to get 6 x Triples out instead of 5, which would be great.

We have plenty of names for that but could do with just a few more for the Imber Court match at home on Tuesday 18th and just 3 more for the rinks match away at Bishop Duppas on Wednesday afternoon.  you will know quite a few of the Bishop Duppas team as thry play indoors with us.  In fact we are getting the opportunity to play against Ann B, Bob & Frances D.

Put your name down and join us.  All the best players were new to bowls and matches once.  On my first game, I hardly had anything near the jack and remember thinking that at least I wasn’t in anyone else’s way!  I think on several occa\sions I was nearer the head on the next rink!  However my skip – Maurice Tate – was really kind, never criticised and gave me encouragement when I did have a bowl within a yard of the jack!   So, come on, take the plunge and sign up.  We have lots of games so there will be plenty of opportunities to improve your game and get to know members better too.

For those of you who a\re green (or any colour) fingers, we need help to plant £100 worth of bedding plants donated by Squires Garden Cente before our match next Friday  If you can wield secateurs to help clear the ivy and a fork to lift some of the whitebells to a new home on the opposite side of the green, that would also help



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