More Grit and Determination!

And that was shown by our opposition yesterday as Ladygate had to battle through the Brentford FC/Southampton FC traffic as well as the England/Scotland rugby traffic to get to Cambridge Park for our friendly match.
In the end it was a win on all four rinks for the club, with Gym, Roy, Bob & Jacqui taking the top rink prize.
There were no less than two new members to the Wrong Bias Club by Ladygate players on rink 1 and Shaf re-joined the club from rink 4.
A confession from Dave Pitt yesterday – he said he did a wrong bias in his triples match v Peter T, Peter J & Laurence. Special award to Dave when he returns from tour in Devon!

Well done to Brentford on their win. They looked to be playing well as a team but to be fair I only saw the highlights. Commiserations to England but well done to Scotland

This afternoon we welcome Teddington for three triples in the first of three ties between our clubs.  The fourth rink will be taken by Kevin K & Gym as they take on David Baxter & partner from Century in the Middlesex Pairs. Peter J & Dawn are going to try and wear David down as they play him and his mixed partner at Century this morning!


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