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It was great to receive along email from Peter Judge last night.

“Sorry I’ve not been in touch sooner, but it’s been pretty busy at work over the last 6 weeks – our company (Bidfood) is one of the 2 delivering the government care packs to all the isolated vulnerable people, so we in IT have been heavily involved in making sure that this happens – our drivers are delivering 10s of thousands of care packages daily, right across Great Britain. On top of that, our business is having to re-invent itself to be a B2C (Business to Consumer) rather than B2B (Business to Business), and we have launched new  home delivery and click and collect services for our range of food products, which have also had significant IT input.”

What a great job his company are doing and brilliant to be part of the team serving the nation in that way.

Like many of the members who are still working, Peter is beavering away at home alonside his wife doing her work and one of his sons doing university studies, so a busy, busy, busy house!

His escape, now that bowls in temporarily off the scale, is going out on his bike for up to 30 mile rides including up Star & Garter Hill.  He says it hurts.  I should think he does!  There are a few of out there cycling daily exercise.  Keep it up.  It’s great for your fitness levels and a good aerobic exercise

Peter says he catches up on what everyone is up to via the website and sends his wishes to all of you ti stay and well .  He also added that he hoped no one was sneaking on the green in the nice weather.  PETER!  As if we would!  However, we need to look forward to getting outside again.  I’m sure it’s going to be possible.  It could only be ‘discipllined’ roll ups at first – watch this space!

On the World Bowls Facebook page, everyone who had posted so far said there would be no bowls at all outdoors or indoors.  I disagree,  The social distancing will be more of a problem indoors unless there are vaccines available and tests to show whether we have had the virus.  Indoors is still at least 5 months away.  We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Outdoors across the country there are green keepers busily looking after the greens and getting them into spit-spot shape for bowling.  Is that all going to waste?

Let me know what you think.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and some might feel in a more vulnerable position so won’t want to risk it.  That’s fine.  I respect your own decisions.

We will get through all of this.  We will be stronger but we have to stay positive and look forward, not backwards.


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