News from Aldwick in West Sussex

Morning everyone!

A couple of things – Ange suggested Ann Macey take up a Social Evening Organiser role in her retirement.  It may be for four evenings during the indoor season and an odd one or two during the summer (when we get to it!).  Any other ideas yet?

I’ve set Norman C a challenge on our Facebook page if you want to pop over and have a look.  It would be a shame not to use that lovely accessory he has!

Then onto the subject heading.

John & Sheila Stocker are former indoor members of Cambridge Park and outdoors at Hampton BC with happy memories from both.  They moved to Aldwick in 2001 and are still playing bowls. Sheila was in their club’s Yetton team this season.  Both are well and, like many other members, have been out tending their garden, but need plants for summer colours – are Garden Centres doing home deliveries?  Has anybody tried yet?  Any suggestions?  It’s probably easier if you know what you want to order of course.

John & Sheila say “Stay safe and stay well everyone.”

“Action is the antidote to anxiety” was the strapline from a webinar I was on yesterday.

I’m not an expert but I am human and had a rough night last night.  Anxiety often hits during the night when it’s not easy to phone-a-friend, so turn on some music (not a radio news station).  Alexa/Amazon has a “Sleep well” station which is very calming and I’m sure there are others.  If that doesn’t work try something else like reading or making a cup of tea, write a letter.  If you do something “normal”, it can help reduce the stress and put your feet back on the ground.  One of my colleagues emptied all his kitchen cupboards and cleaned them at 2.00 am.  Gosh, is that normal??!   Phone a friend during the day time – and keep washing those hands !


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