News from Norfolk

Firstly everyone arrived safely yesterday, so all good in that front.
Secondly, the bowls tournament has been fun. We have all played 2 rounds of our leagues and have had many tight games. Good wins today for Dave P, Ann H, Ange and Ann; Sarah, Dee Hardy ( who didn’t know when she was playing in a tournament, has come in for Terry M), Ann B & Laurie G; and also for Tina, Laurence, Mike & Dawn. Stella S, Barry, Joan & Bernard lost be 1 this morning but won by 3 this afternoon. Kevin K, Ray & Carole C & Scott lost by 1 shot in each of their games. Still too close to call.
Post bowls, Laurence organised a CP Kerling Championship which was won by Kevin K & Patsy B who trumped Sarah H & Terry Pugh in the final.
The avid bingo players have got their eyes down at the moment hoping to win one of the big prizes before the big show of the night in the theatre.

Lovely sunny day today and we hope you had the same down south!

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  1. Jean says:

    Great report & photos ! All good at CP with some rolling up this morning ! Lovely cold but sunny day here too and Man U won !!!

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