Norfolk Day 3

An early night for most of the tourists as they geared themselves up for this morning’s game.
More tight games which went down to the final end so anyone’s chance is still on.
Post bowls, the tourists have been flocking to the table tennis area.
Last year’s winner Dave P put out John D last year’s runner up in the quarters and then beat Carole K in the semifinals. Ange put out Laurence in the first round and a former contender Kevin K in the quarter finals. She is now taking on Birthday Boy Brian in the semis. What a battle!

She just took it 21-17 with Brian covering more steps behind the table than on the bowls green!

Final Dave v Ange   A battle of minds as much as skills!

Dave swept Ange into runner up place with a dynamic forehand drive!

Well done to Laurence for herding cats into the sports arena and keeping the competition flowing!


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