Olympics – Curling

If you’re awake now (7;00 am), the GBR Men’s team are playing Switzerland and are 3-1 up so far.  I think both the men’s and ladie’s teams are lying 3rd in their league round robins.  Let’s hope they can capitalise on this and get GBR on the medal table – in whatever colour we can!

It seems as there are more mixed events on the snow this year with snow cross, skiing and speed skating, which is good to see.  Mind you the skiing has taken to a completely different level to the usual downhill races with all the aerial events going on.  Has anyone worked out all the scores depending on whether they take off backwards, forwards and which way they turn?  It still seems a different language!

There should be more skiing today when hopefully that heavy snow which cancelled some of yestserday’s events will have stopped.

The ice dancing is on today.  Our couple looked good but not quite the standard of the medal winners.  You can watch that on catch up.  The young 15 year old girl from ROC has been cleared to compete again, so it will be interesting to watch her progress and whether all that has gone on in the last few days has affected her confidence.

Anyway, enjoy.

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