Outdoor Roll Ups

A great time was had by all who came along on Saturday afternoon.  The sun shone down, the birds were singing the green was pretty good once we all got the hang of less green and a lot more weight than indoors!  Good to see Mike C, Ron B & Graham K spectating for all or some of the time.

Usual Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning roll ups from 10:00-12:00 this week and throughout the season.

For this week only, there will be roll ups at 6:00 pm on Tuesday (26th) and Thursday (28th)  for an hour or half or so.  It will help those of us that work who can’t make it during the day but anyone and everyone will be welcome.

For those of you who usually bowl indoors on Tuesday & Thursday mornings, please let us know if these will run throughout the summer season on both or only one days.  Thanks.

On Saturday 30th, there will be another roll up from 2:00-4.00 pm.  If this is your first roll up, please use the main entrance to come in to the changing rooms and out to the green.  There is an event on in the dining room and bar.


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