Positive Thoughts Please – They’re Working – Update!

Update 10th April afternoon:  Brian had an op to remove the clot on his brain.  Only 24 hours later, he has spoken to Jane and said he was and bored!  Terry and Jane will keep in contact with him.  Terry spoke to Brian this afternoon and they will be moving him to Kingston Hospital.

So thank you for keeping Brian and Carol in your thoughts.  Please continue!


9th April:  Just had a call from Terry M.  Brian C was taken into hospital during the night having suffered a stroke. Please send as many positive thoughts and prayers that you have his way and Carol and the family’s way.

I’ll post other news later, but wanted you to all get behind Brian and the medical team looking after him

We’ll be clapping at 8.00 pm tonight for all the NHS and other key workers battling away on behalf of the whole country.



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