Potters Tour Review – at last!

Wow, what a week we had!  For the third year running, we’ve had a team in the Finals – Ann H, Dave Pitt, Roy B & Terry Pugh – although three of Ann’s team did come under the Cambridge Park “& Friends” mantle!  Theyw ere up against an incredibly strong team in the final from Erewash skippered by young international Russ Robinson.

But that wasn’t our only success ….. Bob & Frances D accompanied by their Bishop Duppas team members Carole & Ray K beat the Disability Bowls England that whopped Mike, Tina, Laurence & Dawn last year.  Bob played a shot you can only dream of on the final end to force the extra end.  Well, blow me down, but he only went and did it again with his final bowl and the DBE skip just pulled up short.  After a short Christmas Dinner where they didn’t want to over indulge, they went on to play the semi-final but couldn’t quite pull it together.  Still, it was a fantastic effort.

For the rest of us, we had a couple of teams that unfortunately didn’t win any of their matches then all the others won one, two or three out of the four matches.  It was all good fun and the international and bowlers’ bar greens play differently.  Quite a lot was down to finding the green quicker than your opponents.

Off the green, Laurence donned is Extra Curricular Activity Capt and organised Table Tennis, Table Football and Indoor Kurling competitions.

In a repeat of last year’s final, the outcome changed and John D (who came prepard with his 50 year old bat!) managed to beat Dave P.

Other winners were Laurecne & Wilma in the Table Football and Dave P & Terry P in the main Jurling Competition with Joan & Bernard winning the Plate competition in fine fashion!

Random photos below – but have run out of time again, so I’m afraid they’re a bit haphazaard!



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