Ready for Roadmap Stage 1?

I bumped into Peter & Gill C who had parked in virtually the identical spot to Ann & Terry beside the river.  Is it a Cambridge Park parking space?  Do we all take it in turns to park/walk/drive off before the next lot?

Well, from tomorrow, Peter & Gill and Ann & Terry can park at the same time and in pairs (ladies/men/mixed) can walk to the cafe and enjoy sausage baps as long as all four of them don’t sit on the same bench!

So, maybe this week would be a good time to think about arranging to meet one other person for a walk and a coffee with cake or other food – take your own picnic.  It will be a start in the process of getting back to life outside our homes.  The world has changed and become smaller without the travel although it has expanded digitally with Zoom/Teams/Facetime but outside our own front doors there is normality and regularity in abundance.  The tide goes in and out twice a

day, the trees are there itching to break out into blossom (remember how fantastic they were last March/April?); the daffodils are blowing  their own trumpets, dogs are still being walked, swans are swimming, geese are squawking and people are just looking a little paler – the same as every early spring without the warmth and heat of the sun.

Talking of which, where has the sun gone?  It poked its head right out last Saturday and hasn’t been seen since!  Top temperature of 5C today.  It’s not as windy as yesterday, which is a blessing but still somewhat dreary.

Today, open a window, put some music on and have a boogie.  Who cares if you look like a frog in a blender?  Have a sing.  You may not sound like Frank Sinatra, Maria Callas, Julie Andrews, Etta James or Ronan Keating but that doesn’t matter.  In days gone by, the family would crowd around the piano and everyone had a good old sing and a laugh.  You may not play the piano but you can sing and you can laugh – you know “Jus’ like that”!

Good luck to Lucy H and Susie R and all the other teachers as they head back into school tomorrow.  It will be a tough time as teachers and students have to learn to adjust to distancing rules and a more structured day after such a long time away from face-to-face teaching.  Our thoughts are with them.

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