Richmond & Barnes League v Teddington

Congratulations to Teddington who got the best of us yesterday in the rain at Cambridge Park.  They coped better than we did but we hope to redress the balance when we play them again both in the R&B League as well as the South Middlesex League.

Top rink was a draw for Gym, Gordon, Tricia and Tony O’Brien.

Teresa, Barry, Shaf and Corale had a tight game up until half way when the Teddington tear-aways upped their game.
On our rink – Joan, Bernard, Brian C and Dawn, we started extremely well, going down by 12 shots after the first two ends.   Oops!  We plugged away with each team member contributing and were within grasping reach at 21-23, then the wheels fell off again (i.e. Teddington went back to full length jacks!) and we went down 27-32.

Thanks to Brian C for setting up the rinks and to Jane for manning the bar.  Despite the weather, it was a good afternoon.

Enjoy the first Monday After League this afternoon.


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