Saturday 13th November

Coaching this morning at 9.30 am for those attending.  I am sure you are all benefiting from the knowledge and expertise being passed on and the practising.

Today it’s the Middlesex County Indoor Bowling Assocation Finals for 2020 competitions.  I wonder why they haven’t been played before?!

At 10.00 am  Ange is taking on Angela Frankland in the Ladies’ Singles Final, while Dave P and his Hounslow boys play Bounds Green in the Fours.

At 1.00 pm, Ange & Dawn take on Sue Apperly and Epe Tiramia from The Lawns in the Ladies Pairs

At 2.00 pm Dave Pitt plays Stephen Quy from The Lawns

At 3.00 pm  Steve, Mike & Norman play Bounds Green in the Triples Final.  Barry French was in the original team but he is still poorly and we hope he feels better soon.  Thanks to Norman for stepping in.

At 4.00 pm  Ann Halliday & Dave Pit (in Hounslow hats) play Brenda Burles & Rod Smith, also from The Lawns

Finally at 6.00 pm, it’s the Men’s Pairs Final.  The semi-final between Hounslow and Herga was due to be played last night, but I haven’t seen a result yet.

For those not able to get to Herga today, I’m sure you will be filling your day with other activities.  Tonight the Festival of Remembrance is on BBC 1 at 9.00 pm – a shame it is so late.  However, if you’re tucked up in bed by then, it will be available on iPlayer going forwards.  It celebrates 100 years of bringing the Remembrance traditions together.  Whenever you watch it, it will be sure to make you smile, laugh and cry in equal measures.

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