Saturday 9th July

Congratulations to the Senior Fours – Norman, Steve G, Mike C & Laurence who won their quarter-final match v Brentham last night.  More details on semi-final to follow when known.

This morning Steve P has been asked to be at West Ealing at 9:30 for the Unbadged Quarter Finals but we’re not sure who he’s playing and who will miss out on the line up published earlier in the week.  Good luck Steve.   If you can get over to support him, I know he’d be grateful to see some familiar faces!

Moving north of borough, the Ladies are playing Brentham in the Area Semi FInal of the National Top Club competition.  Good luck to htem- they’d be pleased to have some support too – their match starts at 10:30 am.

Unforutnately with so many already occupied today, the South Middlesex League match has had to be cancelled.

We still need some more ladies for the Friendly Triples v Bishop Duppas on Tuesday 12th as well as next weekend’s matches.  If you can’t get down to the club to put your name up, please let Norman or Ray or Jane know and they can sign up for you.


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