Saturday Again – Time Flies, or Not

Another week goes by.  It sort of flies but doesn’t if that makes sense.  I’m just gearing myself up for a wet walk.  Listening to the rain on the skylights wasn’t conducive to my normal early start.  Alexa says it’s +2C, so that’s better than -2C isn’t it?


Did you see Greg & Bekki playing Katherine & David yesterday afternoon.  What a match!  Both sets tied then tight 3 end tiebreak.  The two girls played unbelievably well.  You can watch it on the YouTube World Bowls platform, along with all the other matches.

Wrold Bowls Open Singles today:

Open Singles first

10.00 am  Alex Marshall (Scot) v James Rippey (Scot)

2.00 pm  Katherine Rednall (Eng) v Stuart Irwin (Eng)

Ladies Singles

3.45 pm Marion Purcell (Wales) v Rebecca Wilgress (Eng)

7.30 pm Laura Daniels (Wales) v Carla Banks (Scot)


Check the timing for the first of the ladies’ matches.  It’s usually around 3.45 pm for the second afternoon slot.

Carla Banks played a brilliant game in the mixed pairs yesterday morning.  Some of the FB comments referred to her leaving her hair hanging down instead of tying back of her face.  People also commented about Julie Forrest’s ‘bouncing’ delivery.  They are both fantastic bowlers with consistent delivery action every time and that’s why they’re at the top so the oddities don’t matter.

As we all know, when it comes to bowls, everyone’s an expert!!


Have a good Saturday and just because it’s the weekend it doesn’t mean you leave off the handwashing, face covering, social distancing etc.  You can even phone a friend between the World Bowls matches!

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