Saturday Sunshine – Hooray!

The  Met Office states it’s 10C today but feels like 3C.  Still brrrrr then!  Put an extra layer on when you go out!

Have you have your Census Form yet?  Have  you filled it in?  I thought it had to be physically done on 21st March but some of my work colleagues have already done theirs.  There’s a £1,000 fine is if you don’t complete it so it has to be done.

It’s 10 years since the last one.  10 years.  Wow.  Has your life and living style changed since then?  Can you remember completing the last one?  I was working for an American architecture company up in London and trying to sort out Mum’s affairs for probate and clear the house.  That was very traumatic as Mum and Dad had lived there for 60 years and were great horders.  Every box contained a memory, a photograph and lots of Kleenex was needed.  However, it did shed light on one of Dad’s sets of bowls which I returned to Cambridge Park in the May.  Thereby started a whole new chapter in my sporting life!

What are your memories from 10 years ago?

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