Sausage Bap Recommendation

The Maceys have reported that the cafe roughly where Richmond Ice Rink stood is indeed open and can recommend their sausage baps.

More news as the duvets were discarded, the fleeces and jackets adorned as many of you stepped out in yesterday’s sunshine.

Nadine reported that having seen no one for ages, she passed Beryl, Margaret, Corale, Jean, Norman and Gerry on her walk. Good to know you’re getting out.  Today’s forecast is ok too.

Just think in a little over a month, we’ll be meeting in groups of 6 outdoors.  Oh dear, does that mean the dieting starts again to shift those lockdown pounds?!

I believe Norman still has the previously ordered Centenary polo shirts and fleeces ready and waiting.

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  1. Dawn Slaughter says:

    The Tide Tables Cafe under Richmond Bridge is open again. Besides drinks, they make vegetarian and vegan savouries, salads and cakes.

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