Sunday 26th August – Soggy Annual BBQ, but did it matter ….?


As you will see from the video (hope it works – thanks Audrey!), no, it didn’t!

Margaret B did a fantastic job co-ordinating the whole event with support team in the kitchen Of Beryl B & SHirley O, Alan B and Brian C out under umbrellas and what-have-you manning the BBQ and Laurence and Dawn provided the indoor games with golfing challenge PuttOut (won by Laurence who donated the prize money to the RNLI); bowling sponge ‘bowls’ into a scoring wedge (no firm results there as it took a while for anyone to score with only 4 bowls – they needed a few goes); and last-man-standing Dan Headland taking the Crazy Golf-Bowls title after a four way play out over one extended hole which took them all six goes before the other three were disqualified for knocking down the hurdle!

Many thanks to everyone who came – all 50+ – and lovely to see lots of generations of the Curwood family including two tinies.

A big, big thank you to Margaret and helpers.  I don’t think she sat down from when she got to the club at 8.30 am to when she left at 7.30 pm.  Absolutely brilliant!  There are a few photos on the Cambridge Park Facebook page.


A quiet weekend ahead although Cathy T is in the Final of the Middlesex O55 Singles playing Rose M of Rosedale Park at Hayes BC on Sunday.  We wish her the best of luck.

Friday night leagues are on 31st August and 7th September and the Club Finals are over the weekend of 8th/9th September.  Cathy will post the timetable after the last semi-final is played on Monday 4th.

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