Sunday 27th June

No club match today but Ange & Tina are playing Sarah & Lucy in the Senior Pairs at midday.  It should be a very close game.  All four girls have been playing really well.

Jean, Nadine, Ann, Cathy & Dawn are all heading off to Banbury in search of cakes.  No, we’re not really.  Last week’s trip there found no bakery selling the traditional fruity pastry.  When I played Myrtle Bagot (the Station Cafe Owner) in an amdram production of Brief Encounter, I made Banbury Cakes for each performance which were duly knocked onto the floor by Albert Godby (the Station Master) whilst he was trying to be over friendly    “Now look at me Banbury’s all over the floor”!!

I digress.  We are heading off to Banbury with Middlesex to play Oxfordshire in the first round of the Walker Cup – just two rinks.  Wish MIddlesex well.  If we win, the next round is at Cambridge Park on 11th July.    It is a real honour to be selected for this team, so we all need to be on our A game and do the County proud.

Yesterday we played Springfield in a friendly with three triples.  The CP reporter played for Springfield as they were one short. Well done to Andy, who has been playing less than a month and certainly didn’t disgrace himself.  He is playing with VERY old bowls which were numbered 1, 2 & 3 on the bias side.  1 is the narrowest bias, 2 slightly swingier etc.  I would be difficult if you had to put club stickers on as it would cover the numbers up.   Good luck as he progresses in his new hobby.

Overall Cambridge Park won the match and it was a good afternoon.

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