Sunday 31st March – Carpet Fund 3-Bowls Pairs Competition


Another great day of competitive bowls with a good mixture of pairs.  Some excellent bowling from Katharine (Amanda said she didn’t do anything) saw the girls with a good win over Bernard (who had staggered from his sick bed to play) & Joan.

The other ladies’ pair of Jeanett & Suzy saw Suzy as skip for the first time in her life and a very good job she made of it.  They won more ends in their match v Ange & Ian but only were winning 1s whereas Ange & Ian had some 2s and 3s.

Dawn & Laurence managed to pull their socks up in the second half of their match v Richard & John on Rink 2 and secure a victory there before heading onto Rink 1 to take on Ann & Archie, who had beaten Gym & Colin by the last bowl on the last end of their previous match.  On Rink 3 Audrey & Peter T were having a really close match with Roy & Peter J, who unfortunately dropped a 5 and didn’t have enough ends to claw their way back up.

Kevin & Ian had a good win over Ray & Ranjani who weren’t playing badly but were unlucky in finding ‘holes-for-bowls’!  Kevin & Ian came up against Dick & Di, who had won the Charity Pairs, in the quarter finals and Dick, Di and Rink 4 got the better of them!  Ange & Ian had a welcome win v Audrey & Peter T so faced Dick & Di in the semi-finals.  Ange & Ian were up then Dick & Di caught up and overtook them, leaving Ange & Ian to find 5 on the final end for a draw …. and they did!  This led to the one-bowl-each tie break end.  On winning the toss, Ange & Ian decided to give the mat away.  Di promptly put her first bowl right on the jack!  Ange put her bowl behind and Dick followed that one up leaving Ian to play a shot needing to be accurate within 1″.  The crowd were on the edge of their seats (and feeling mighty grateful they didn’t have to play the shot!).  Ian just missed, putting Dick & Di through to the final.

In the other semi, Laurence and Katharine were having a real battle on as leads but eventually Laurence & Dawn won through.  This left them facing seasoned winners Dick & Di in the final.  Di was ‘hot’ and so was Laurence(!) putting the pressure on both Dick and Dawn to nick the winning shot from the other. In the end, it was Laurence & Dawn who made it to the finishing line first.

Thanks to Ange who made lasagne for all of us for lunch and to Di, Ann D, Colin, Suzy, Joan and everyone else who leapt into wash up and clear up when we were on the green and to everyone who stayed until the end to watch.  Great to see Nadine back in the clubhouse too!

After expenses, we started the Carpet Sinking Fund off with around £240.



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