Tea, Coffee, Beer, Wine, Chips! Updated

Any good suggestions for coffee etc with a friend besides the usual chain coffee shops?

Tide Tables under Richmond Bridge – coffee is good and there are a few benches concreted in, so a chance to sit down – or take a bin liner to sit on the wall.  Don’t lean back!

On the opposite bank, the cafe there is open and there are benches alongside the river

Btb at the bottom of Richmond Bridge, East Twickenham side.  Again, there are benches alongside the river.

The fish and chip shop opposite the side of the House of Fraser does excellent chips.  Grab a portion and sit on Richmond Green.  If it’s dry, there are usually plenty of people to watch.

The Cricketers on Kew Green are doing take away drinks e.g. beer and wine.  There are a few benches around.

Haven’t been to Hampton Hill recently – are Thyme on the Park and Paws for Coffee open?  You can take your drink into Bushy Park and find a tree stump to sit on.

Not everyone lives near the club, have any of you got other suggestions?

Even if you’re on your own, people watching doesn’t make you feel so alone.  Victoria Wood and Les Dawson wrote a lot of observational comedy sketches.  The material didn’t come from sitting inside!

Wrap up warmly before venturing out!


Off duty Dancer, Prancer and Olive bumped into Gerry this morning while all out for walks.

3rd January 2021 Walkies – Gerry asnd Murph

Prancer says Orleans House Gallery Cafe is open and also has loos (a good consideration!)


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  1. Colin Hammond says:

    Hi Dawn,
    Great stuff from you as usual !!
    Re Hampton Hill , Thyme on the Park is closed and ‘up for sale’ Paws is still open.
    Happy New Year
    Take care

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