The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain

That may be true, but it was certainly a welcome visitor to West London last night. Almost proper rain!  Anyone go out singing in it?!

The plants in pots still needed watering this morning but I’m sure that shower would have been good for the green and surrounding area.

Many of you are green fingered so how have your gardens faired? Are your tomatoes ripening up fast? Courgettes in danger of becoming marrows? Raspberries and redcurrants  coming on a treat? Rhubarb taking over the beds providing enormous leaves providing shade?

Let us know your garden triumphs and losses over the last couple of months.
There is a life outside of bowls and sometimes it’s good to chat about it.

By the way I saw My Fair Lady a couple of weeks ago, and once we stopped (unwittingly ) comparing the two leads to Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, who were very good indeed, it was an excellent production. The run is stopping soon so get in quick if you’d like to see it. Like most of the theatres now, it was air-conditioned and comfortable. (Take out a mortgage for the ice creams though!)

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