Thursday 10th August. Start Flag Waving!

By the time some of you will have read this, our Middlesex Four of Tina. Nadine.  Cathy & Ann H will have had breakfast, done a mile walk, spent 20 minutes doing stretches and, with adrenaline pumping, will be stepping onto E Green to play their first round at the National Championships in Leamington against opponents from the Isle of Wight, starting at 09:30.

The Ashford girls Kerry, Lou, Vicki & Lisa are the other Middlesex Four and, having completed a similar warm up routine, they play Hampshire on B green

Winners of this round go into the last 32 in the country playing in the afternoon.

At 1:30, Ashley from Ashford takes on Durham and Matt, also from Ashford, plays Perry Martin from Dorset (I think Perry used to play up in one of the London clubs). Both of these matches are on A green and the boys could be appearing on the Bowls England tv stream  – check out the BE Facebook page.

Good luck to all of you  we’ll be waving and cheering all your great shots – mainly from the Twickenham area but with you on spirit.

Knock ‘em dead!




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