Was it Cocktail Time?

Hard luck to our remaining Senior Fours team of Sarah, Lucy, Tricia* & Jean who lost out to the North London girls who beat our other senior fours.
After a nip and tuck game all the way through, they went into the final end all square and lost by one shot. Galling especially when the shot bowl approached the head as a ‘pineapple’!

We’ve probably all done one at some point but not usually to win a match!
*Apologies to Tricia on original post, I thought it was Nadine in the four

Anyway, we’ll done to North London in beating both our teams. We wish them well in the semi- final against Bush Hill Park who beat us last year.

The CP ladies are out in force again on Saturday morning away at Ashford in the National Top Club competition.

Returning to pineapples and cocktails, will you be celebrating HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a street party or the like? Please let us know.

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  1. Jean Staples says:

    Thanks for all the news you post Dawn ! It was actually Trish in our Senior Fours not Nadine !! It was such a close game which we should have won! Like the mixed fours over at Ashford (again) which we should have won especially if I’d have joined in to help a bit! Ashford will have to pay when we play there in Top Club Saturday !!

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