Wednesday 23rd September – Bodies Wanted to Help the Green Get to Sleep!

Despite it being a very peculiar season, we have been able to get back bowling with thanks to everyone who has helped from admin, bar work, swishing, baking, BBQ-ing, chatting, and throwing themselves into bowling with all the social distancing measures in place.  A real team/club effort, which has been fun as well.

Gordon is now looking for a band of merry volunteers who could do all the preparation for putting the green to bed outdoors and letting Trevor do whatever is necessary to treat the green over the autumn months.  It has played very, very well this year, so thanks to Trevor for all the work he does maintaining it for us.

So please add Wednesday 23rd September at 10.00 am to your diaries.  Work will be varied from light disinfecting of equipment, hosing down the mats to get rid of trapped mud and drying them, lifting the rubber mats from the ditches and piling them up in the shed, removing the rink markers, so plenty of variable tasks for all to help from a little light cloth work to strong manual handling.  All of these tasks are much more fun if you have a team egging each other on with your usual line of banter!

There might even be a pint of Rebellion in it at the end … or a cup of tea!

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