Wednesday 8th May – Refurbishments Update

The changing refurbishments are well under way but the new lockers will not be arriving before 24th May, so please could you continue to take your bowls to and from the club, or put somewhere safely – ask Jane if you’re unsure of the best place.

At weekends, you can change in the changing rooms but just not leave anything in there after the match.

The new carpets will go in tomorrow (9th) and the painting in the entrance hall should also be done this week.

Will keep updating you as and when we have more information.

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  1. BTWifi NOC says:

    This is the BTWifi team and are responsible for the monitoring and maintaining of the Barclays Community Wifi at your site. Please advise the current status of the refit as we can see the Wifi is currently offline.

    Thank You

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      I have forwarded your comment to the Club Manager and hopefully it has been sorted now. Thanks for getting in touch.

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