Whisky Wednesday – Update

If I’ve got this right, Norman & Steve take on Laurence & Kevin in the Middlesex Whisky Pairs this afternoon at MIDDAY, not 2.00 pm. As this particular competition doesn’t result in a National, the format should be 21 ends and 4 bowls each.  This is luxury compared to the other pairs competitions which are 3 bowls each and 18 ends!  Mind you, it’s going to be a scorcher, so all four players plus any supporters and spectators need suncream and a hat and water!

Do the winners buy the whisky or do they make the losers drink whisky?  How did this competition come about?  Anyone know?

At 2.30 pm, Cathy plays Pauline Rush from Hampton in the Champion of Champions competition, marked by Jean.

Then at 6.00 pm, it’s the Middlesex Ladies Triples Quarter-Final between Cathy, Nadine & Ann v Sarah, Ange & Dawn.  We are all anticipating a good close match.

Another one to remember today is that the grass and weed pollen count is high, so take your antihistamines before you go out with your refillable bottle of water, your suncream, your  hat, your face covering and sanitiser!

Thank you to Gym who potted the second fuschia.  I see some other small bedding plants have appeared so thank you to him and/or anyone else who is helping the garden flourish.


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