Warning – Boast Post (but Yippee!)

It’s not my want to push myself forward but I was really over the moon to win the Area 11 Final of the National Two Bowl Competition this morning 21-6.   This means I’m through to the last 16 in the National Finals event in Nottingham for the first time.  Weyhey!

I played like a drain as lead on Monday night (ask Steve G!) and I’m sure I will fall flat on my face again and probably return from Nottingham with my tail between my legs, but hey, it’s a “bowls” lifetime achievement for me.  I have 10 hours’ overtime in hand at work so have requested permission to use them in lieu of payment.   Fingers crossed.

If you don’t get going in 2 bowls (especially on a strange rink) quickly, the game is over far too soon  and you feel like a muppet, so thank you for not pushing me for the date of today’s game.  I know some of you asked and I was deliberately vague.

The first game is at Nottingahm IBC on Tuesday 29th March v Eastbourne’s competitor at 7.30 pm.  7.30?  That’s getting on for bedtime!


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  1. Jacquie says:

    Congratulations, Dawn,
    Well deserved.
    Good luck and best wishes from me and all the Officers of Middlesex

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Thanks, Peter. My opponent is also through in the main singles so will have had at least one more game in the green than I will have done when we meet!

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