Wednesday 26th August – Three Way Triples Match Report from Audrey

We were received with a very warm welcome by the team of Teddington BC yesterday for our second round of the 3-Way Triples. They were preparing their rinks when I arrived, what a sight I saw:

a luscious carpet of a green grass.

On Rink 1 was our Skip Gordon’s team (CP) & Ann B’s for Stawberry Hill (1).

Ann’s team had a few good ends til end 6, and they didn’t pick up til 15th end, when they recovered with a flurry, to win the next two ends. Gordon’s team, had a steady score of 1s &2s for the fist half; then we adding pace,  but had a blip on 14th & 15th ends, then back on track to have a great win.
On Rink 2 was Skip Peter R‘s team for Strawberry Hill (2 ) & Colin‘s team for Teddington.
Strawberry Hill had a few wins but struggled to break Teddington’s pase. Teddington were consistent in their play and went onto have a Spectacular win.
On Rink 3 was our Skip Gym’s team CP) & Vernon’s team for Teddington:
Both teams came to a tie at 6 ends, then Gym’s team leaped ahead til 12. &13 and Vernon’s team scored 4 shots. Gym’s team composed themselves on the following end to a Spectacular win.
Scores so far: We/Cambridge Park are presently ahead, followed closely by Teddington, then Strawberry Hill.
Our final venue is at Strawberry Hill, on Wednesday 2nd September, game starts at 2.30pm.
When the battle commences to the winning post, EEEK!
Visitors very welcome (bring a cushion to sit on the hard surfaces) You’ll need to keep to social distancing, + bring water/beverages.
“It’s Stawberry Hills Centenary this Year!”
Audrey Hay
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