Wednesday Shopping Question

As if I don’t spend enough time in front of a computer screen during the day, I embarked on an online H&S course last night, mainly relating to food “take-out and delivery” and the 2,001 procedures to put in place if premises have been shut for a while.  (It would be lovely to have a fresh mug of tea after a game.)

(The procedures for embarking on re-opening an office is even more of a nightmare which almost left me sobbing in despair after the webinar by our trade organisation that I attended.  Get a grip, woman – find solutions not problems – who told me that?!)

Anyway, the course stated for cash sales, the customer should put the coins AND notes into a provided bowl of hot soapy water which the staff member would then wash and place in the regularly disinfected till.  Has anyone come across this?  The Chinese takeaway in Crown Road wouldn’t take cards, only cash but I couldn’t see what happened it after I passed the money under the protective screen.

Supermarkets and Costco take cash which just goes into their till – maybe they do a big wash at the end of the day when they cash up?

Other shops only want card payments – preferably ‘tap’ rather than inputting a pin number.

As more and more shops open up, what are you finding that has changed since you last stepped through the shop door?

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