Wet Saturday and Indoor Bowls Match

It’s good we’re playing indoors.  It is definitely too soggy out to bowl!  However, if you’ve got the waterproof gear, go out for a walk, jump in some puddles.  Laugh and return home for tea and crumpets!

Looking forward to welcoming Iver Heath this afternoon for 3 triples game.

Tina, Terry & skip Peter T (Match Captain)

Tricia, Barry & skip Teresa

Dawn, Gym & skip Steve G

Reserves:  Ange, Bob & Frances, Laurence, Brian N


We’re playing Shoplands Select at the back end of hte month.  When I’ve got the date, I’ll put a sign up sheet up.  Not all clubs are playing indoors yet, so the matches will be few and far between I think.  We’ll arrange something else at the weekends though.  Anyone else like Australian Pairs?




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