What a Weekend!

A 2-1 rink win in the R&B match v Mid Surrey on Saturday . Steve G, Karen, John & Lucy took top rink pipping Dawn, Tricia, Jacqui & Mike by 1!

Ann, Cathy & Nadine made to the semi-finals of the Triples on Saturday but went down heavily to West Ealing in the semi.

In the Middlesex Finals today, Cathy won the Singles v Tonia from Brentham; Cathy, Ann, Tina & Nadine took the Fours’ title v Vicki, Lou, Lisa & Kerry from Ashford; and in the Senior Fours, Ange and Nadine exchanged places compared to the ‘Young’ Ladies Fours and had a very good win v Lola, Lisa. Sue & Wanda from North London. A difficult day for Lisa and all credit to her for playing. Dawn had a rubbish game in the Two- Bowls Singles Final. If you’d put an open barn door at the end of the green, she wouldn’t have got through it!  Just one of those days. She played a lot better in the rounds up o the final!

Anyway , apart from North London in the Senior Fours, everyone who played today will be representing Middlesex in the National Championships in Leamington in August.  Good luck to them all and do Middlesex proud!

In the Champion of Champions and the Senior Pairs, Sarah and Sarah with Lucy still have a very good chance at getting to Leamington as does Tina in the Area Final of the Senior Singles. Matches being played this week.

Well done to everyone at the Club from Karen, Norman, Jacqui, Jean & Sarah in and out of the kitchen all day preparing lunches and making teas/coffees; to Jane on her feet all day behind the bar; to Roy and Terry for setting up the green this morning ; to all the spectators and supporters from the club and across the county who came along to enjoy the whole day.
Umpire Paul didn’t have a lot to do but it was good to have him there.
Well done to Dee and Jacquie who tirelessly put the work in not only behind the scenes but also giving up their weekends to direct and organise all the quarter and semi-final events all over the county. Great job!

This afternoon we have the Monday Triples and the Club competitions are beginning to take off. Good!

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