World Bowls Championship – Singles Day

Some good matches yesterday and a few surprises.  Former champion Darren Burnett went out to newcomer Darren Weir and well done to Egham’s Jon Wilson for securing a 2-0 tiebreak win v Jamie Chestney.  Personally, I thought the FB report was rather unkind when it stated JC “became an unwanted statistic”.  Hmm.

Four seeds have now gone out.  What does that say?  It means the new entries are playing at an exceptional level and pushing forward.  That can only be good for our sport.  Fresh blood and no one can rest on their laurels – at any level.

Stuart Anderson had a fantastic drawing game v the South African Wayne Roberts, who looked about 7′ tall!  I think a lot of the spectators were bowled out and headed off to bingo as there weren’t so many in the crowd last night.  Good match to watch on YouTube though.


Today seems to be all singles:-


GB-ENGLes Gillett vs GB-ENGDavid Bolt

ROUND 1 (32) S10 – SINGLES

GB-ENGMervyn King vs CADylan Jacobs

ROUND 1 (32) S11 – SINGLES

GB-ENGGreg Harlow vs GB-SCTAlex Marshall MBE

ROUND 1 (32) S12 – SINGLES

GB-ENGMark Dawes vs NZMartin Kreft

ROUND 1 (32) S13 – SINGLES

GB-ENGNick Brett vs Alastair Coleman

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