World Indoor Bowls – Just Gets Better!

Well, I don’t think you’ll have seen as good a Ladies Final as the one yesterday.  An amazing display of drawing by both girls but especially Julie Forrest in that first set.  Katherine did well with the change of mat length in the second set and that made all the difference to her coming back to win the second set.  Julie’s drive in the first tie break end was a dream of a shot, smacking it square on the head and following it neatly into the ditch.  Alas for her, she did not manage to win either of the next two tie break ends and Katherine took her 6th World Ladies Matchplay Championship.  And, she’s how old? 28.  Wow!

The following match between Nick Brett and Billy Mellors also displayed brilliant draw bowling from both bowlers.  Nick came through by one shot in each set.  A really tight game which could have gone either way. Billy Mellors retired from Internationals in March 23 after 27 years or so. He has just come back to play in the PBA World Qualifiers having not played in them for 20 years.  Longevity seems to be the name of the game, so hope for us yet!  Whilst watching we thought that Billy and Alex Marshall had similar deliveries and mannerisms, or did we imagine it?

No time to watch the other matches last night, but Alex Marshall and Paul Foster also made their way into the Quarter Finals.

The competition is definitely hotting up and on today’s agenda …

It looks like another good afternoon to be sitting indoors, drinking tea, watching the television and being the expert from the sidelines as the four quarter-finals take place.  Stay warm and enjoy!


GB-ENGJamie Walker vs GB-ENGHarry Goodwin


GB-ENGRobert Paxton vs GB-SCTStewart Anderson


GB-ENGLes Gillett vs GB-SCTAlex Marshall MBE


GB-ENGNick Brett vs GB-SCTPaul Foster MBE


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