Author: Dawn Slaughter

Today is, um er, Tuesday? No? Um, Friday?!

It’s tricky keeping a track of the days isn’t it?  Can you measure them by the number of jigsaws completed?  Number of books read?  What are you reading?  I’ve been recommended to try Ken Follett books.

At the moment I’m delving into The Secret Diary of Henrik Groen aged 83 and a 1/4.  It’s hilarious.

On the music front, I’ve listed to The Glory of Gershwin which celebrates Gershwin’s music sung/performed by a wild variety of artists and Larry Adler’s 80th birthday so there are harmonica solos on each – he was definitely very talented.  For the last two nights on my daily walk, I’ve played Robbie Williams’ Swing While You’re Winning – some great classics and some different songs.  Although when that finished it moved on to another album and You’ll Never Walk Alone played.  I tried to sing it out loud, but couldn’t.  It was just too emotional at that particular point in time.  My colleague is still fighting for his life in ICU.

Good to see Norman making his scones last night.  Stella whipped up a dozen muffins – check out our Facebook page.

David H is well so is Corale, although is finding being unable to ramble except around her living room a bit boring.  Ron L is ok and looking after his wife.  Their neighbours are doing some shopping for them.  Spoke to Gym yesterday.  He was doing emergency plumbing and was not finding it very easy to say the least!  Gym, Gerry and Reg have been going to the old-codgers’ supermarket shopping sessions.  Food seems to be ok but if you’re struggling to get out, please let me know.

Let me know any book/music recommendations.  It’s good to share now that we have to time to read and listen.


News from Aldwick in West Sussex

Morning everyone!

A couple of things – Ange suggested Ann Macey take up a Social Evening Organiser role in her retirement.  It may be for four evenings during the indoor season and an odd one or two during the summer (when we get to it!).  Any other ideas yet?

I’ve set Norman C a challenge on our Facebook page if you want to pop over and have a look.  It would be a shame not to use that lovely accessory he has!

Then onto the subject heading.

John & Sheila Stocker are former indoor members of Cambridge Park and outdoors at Hampton BC with happy memories from both.  They moved to Aldwick in 2001 and are still playing bowls. Sheila was in their club’s Yetton team this season.  Both are well and, like many other members, have been out tending their garden, but need plants for summer colours – are Garden Centres doing home deliveries?  Has anybody tried yet?  Any suggestions?  It’s probably easier if you know what you want to order of course.

John & Sheila say “Stay safe and stay well everyone.”

“Action is the antidote to anxiety” was the strapline from a webinar I was on yesterday.

I’m not an expert but I am human and had a rough night last night.  Anxiety often hits during the night when it’s not easy to phone-a-friend, so turn on some music (not a radio news station).  Alexa/Amazon has a “Sleep well” station which is very calming and I’m sure there are others.  If that doesn’t work try something else like reading or making a cup of tea, write a letter.  If you do something “normal”, it can help reduce the stress and put your feet back on the ground.  One of my colleagues emptied all his kitchen cupboards and cleaned them at 2.00 am.  Gosh, is that normal??!   Phone a friend during the day time – and keep washing those hands !


20 C on Sunday????

Well that would be good, wouldn’t it?  We could all do with a bit of warmth following on from the cold winds this week.

I had an email from Barry and Amanda up in sunny Southport.  They are both well and said hi to everyone and to stay safe.  Barry qualified as a Bowls Umpire last month, which is great.  We may be able to persuade him to come down and do our Finals Day at some point.

Obviously the house purchase is now on very slow progress and it will need some work before they can move in.  Once there, Barry will be donning his Station Master’s Cap and setting up his very complex train set.  All aboard!

31st March and Ann Macey Has Retired!

Congratulations to Ann on reaching retirement following on from years of employment at M&S.

Although currently in lockdown with Terry (golly gosh!), she has asked if we can come up with some new hobbies and skills.  I suggested Match Caterer but she says she only does cold food!  I have that in black-and-white text so that could come in useful!

So, what do you suggest she can do?  Clean answers via the link on the website or to

Tuesday Morning and the Sun is Shining – Hooray!

I don’t think I posted this after my Saturday walk but Trevor our groundsman has been spending a lot of the winter sorting out the tree roots that were poking up in the green.  As you can see, he’s added a bit of colour with the flags.  Nice touch!

I spoke to Jim Parker.  He loves his bungalow in Rustington.  His family live nearby and are delivering food parcels to his doorstep along with a neighbour from the local church, where he was attending their Sunday lunches and is looking forward to those starting up again.  He sends his love to everyone and he misses us and the banter.  He also misses his weekly coffee and cake with Reg and Ron C – both of whom are well.

When we’re all let out again, he is hoping to join one of the two local outdoor clubs.  He says he wouldn’t be able to travel up to London again but if anyone finds themselves down his way, we can let him know.

The Hampton BC crew have their own WhatsApp group and are keeping in touch that way.  Many are tucked away because of underlying health issues but all are well.

Both Strawberry Hill and NPL are all keeping in touch.  I had a long email from Jeanett who seems to be on a big spring clean and tidy up.  I think I might have to borrow her later in the summer!  Wilma and the French’s seem to be decorating.  Let us know what else you are up to?

On a personal note, one of my work colleagues has gone into ICU overnight.  He is being well looked after but if you can spare some positive thoughts to go to him, his wife and his young family, I would really appreciate it.

We are stronger together!

Keep handwashing, keep laughing – remember when Bernard removed his stickers when guesting for an opposing team and he sent up two wrong biases?  Joan, tut tutted and went over and put stickers on his bowls.  It’s a shame she put them on the wrong sides and he did two more wrong biases before someone sorted him out!  Still makes me laugh!




News from Former Members

2nd Monday of Lockdown.  I hope it starts to warm up a bit, it was jolly cold over the weekend.  Four seasons in four hours in some places!  We are living in a weird world indeed.


We saw Andrew Taylor when the County tour took us to Sussex at the beginning of March.  He is well and enjoying his retirement playing indoors at Wealden and both he and his wife playing at Crowborough during the outdoor season.  He was pleased to see us all, although he had caught up with Laurence and Chris Yelland when Middlesex played Sussex in February.  He sent best wishes to everyone at the Club.

Angie Streetly is in lockdown in Wales – lockdown with Robs and a whole host of chickens and geese which are keeping her well occupied.  They are both well.  She says it’s very quiet and peaceful as the usual array of farm vehicles transporting beet and sheep (presumably independently!) are not around.  Angie keeps up with the CP news from the Facebook page, so do give her a wave if you see her on there!

Gary Cope is on lockdown in Cornwall with his wife, Tom his son, son’s girlfriend and dog, so he says it’s very useful when playing board games and the dog is getting plenty of exercise.  He is awaiting a new hip which is obviously postponed.  He didn’t make the Nationals at Nottingham this year (even if they hadn’t been postponed) but was defending the County Fours title.  His last birthday now entitles him to enter “old fart” (his words not mine) competitions.  Despite the hip, he played a bit of badminton and has volunteered at the Bodmin and Wenford railway and is loving being a trainee signalman!  On a sadder note, his Mum passed away in January.  His aunt will be 97 in July and is determined to get to 100 and a “telegram” from Her Majesty so is very positive! Gary also keeps up with CP news on FB – so don’t be shy in posting info on there.


On another sad note, my aunt – Dorrie Duncan – passed away peacefully at her care home last Tuesday a couple of months short of her 95th birthday.  Elwyn and Dorrie used to run the Saturday EVENING leagues at Cambridge Park.  Wow, that will be a blast from the past for some of you!  Elwyn and Dorrie were members at Isleworth BC and held many positions on the committees there as well as at CP.  They were both excellent bowlers.  Please spare a thought for Wendy and Lynda, her daughters.  Wendy managed to spend Monday afternoon with Dorrie chatting and playing Elwyn’s records as her body slowly shut down.  When you lose your Mum, it’s devastating and I ask you to send a virtual hug Wendy & Lynda’s way.  Needless to say, arrangements for the funeral are somewhat difficult.


The CP phone-a-friend-a-day seems to be working.  You are all brilliant at keeping in touch with each other.  Keep on with this.  We’re in for a bit of a long haul with the lock down but we’ll do it!



PS  Ange is going to start shouting instructions at me for the benefit of all of you for when we get outside.  We’ll let you know when this goes live!

Thinking Ahead to the New Season Whenever it Happens

We had an email from Bowls Direct yesterday, normally based at Wey Vallley IBC.  Like many small (and large) business, they are also fighting for survival so if you were thinking of getting any requirements ready for when the green opens, they are offering a discount on orders made before the end of August.

In light of recent events. We would like to offer your members a 10% discount on all of our products (excluding bowls) with FREE Postage on all orders over £40.00.

Please visit and use discount code – BOWLS1 in the coupon section when checking out online.

This offer will be continuous throughout the summer until the end of August.

As you know we are a family business and like so many small businesses, this is extremely worrying times and so would really appreciate if you can please forward this email to your members.

Thank you for your support and we wish you, your family and your members to stay safe and healthy and hopefully normality will ensue in the not too distant future.

Kind Regards

Chris, Pete, Alison and Emma Young.

Bowlswear Direct

01483 536337

Follow us now on Facebook for Special Offers and Details of New Products

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

…. That floats on high o’er vale and hill

And through the CP gate I saw a crowd

A great display of daffodils!

Well done to Margaret B who planted these bulbs in the autumn.  The spring flowers haven’t ‘gone over’ as I thought they might have done over the last week.

Linda M planted out the tubs by the shed with this result. Thanks  to  both  of  them.

Sockgate and Fruit/Veg Boxes

Sorry for the delay as I’m sure the excitement has been building up over the last few days!  Will she/ won’t she?

Despite the mounting excitement, first there’s something much more useful for you if you’re unable to get out.

Nadine has let us know that  are putting together fruit, veg, salad boxes and they will deliver locally.  Prices start from £22.00.  Nadine said they’re excellent and she has been buying flowers from them for years if you want to add something else to cheer yourself up.

 Essential Fruit & Veg Box   This is a sample of their essential Fruit/Veg box at £25.00.  There’s enough for 3-6 people but cooking and freezing casseroles and stews makes it a versatile and healthy option if htere are less than 3 staying at home.

Thanks, Nadine.  That’s really helpful information.  Anyone have any other good local suppliers who we could help keep in business?  Email me with their details so I can post them on here.

Send recipes too!



And now  for the boring bit.  My sock/underwear draw looks much better.  I know there are still too many, but I did throw a lot out!   Even now, the end result probably means I do not have to put socks etc in the wash more than once a month.  How did that happen?!

I suppose the cupboard under the stairs must be on the list for another day.  Aaargh!  Don’t worry,  you’ll be spared.

Stay safe.  Keep hand washing.  Take that vital bit of fresh air/exercise each day and don’t forget to phone a friend.


PS  Anyone with their bowls at home tried target bowling down the hall or anywhere?