A Loss, A Win, A Loss!

Our boys did really well yesterday but went down 64-80 to Sutton in the Denny Plate Regional Final.
Great effort chaps. That’s the best we’ve done for many years.

Then  mixed fortunes this morning as we won (we – as in Tina & Dawn) but we also lost ( the latter we being Jacqui & Teresa). It was a very close game with J&T needing 5 on the final end and holding 4, they very nearly got it! By a miracle, Dawn drew shot making it virtually impossible for Teresa to get both Tina’s closest as well as shot bowl out. Her drive took the jack back and they managed a 1. Very tight game and the Adrenalin was running high between all four players!

On the adjacent rink, there’s a club mixed pairs with Ann H & Peter J ahead of Pauline & Bill R after 14 ends.
Meanwhile on rink 1, there’s a club singles just starting. Good to see so many club comps getting under way with the 10th January deadline looming!

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  1. Jean Staples says:

    All sounds very interesting for us in Spain having a super lunch in Javea’s Tennis Club ! Such a shame there was a let down with some men players not turning up as so near and could have won !! Great games for you girls the backbone of C Pk !

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