A Mixed Friendly Win!

Well done to the CP team who won on 3 of the 4 rinks v Bishop Duppas this afternoon.

The final score was 85-52 with Tina, Bernard W, Mike & Dawn taking top rink, although it was a close run v Laurence, Frances, Bob & Gym until Dawn’s team secured a 6 around the 18th end.

Ann B – skipping for her outdoor club had an excellent game on rink 2 and managed to win by 4 shots v Malcolm P, Pauline, George & Dave W.

Meanwhile on rink 4, Christine P, Cliff, Ange & Richard D were battling all the way through with barely more than 1 shot between them, so much so that going into the 21st end it was 14-14!  Nail biting  taking place at the front end as Richard’s team were  0-3 down before Richard delivered his final bowl of the match.  The crowd held their breath as a weighted bowl travelled down the green.  It was going to be close …….. bang!  He scattered the bowls leaving just the one CP bowl in the head to take the match.

A cracking shot by Richard and it was followed by another award not just shot of the day when after the match when Mike awarded Richard with a Wrong Bias Certificate for a very wayward shot in the first few ends!  Richard said it would go up along with the 10 others or so adorning his loo wall!

It was a good afternoon and was played in just the way it should have been – competitive, social, fun.  Good to see Reg supporting the teams too.

Thanks to Jane for manning the bar all afternoon.

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